MHD The Dark Wishing Lamp
A new adventure with Gigi Grant and Lamperella Von Wish The Daugther Of The Arabian Genie! (A New Character)


The Ghouls and Gigi go to Scarabian, she search to the treasure of Queen Erbana and she search! than found she the old city Erbanania she go to Erbana's Tower there found she the treasure of Queen Erbana and a lamp with a Genie Lamperella the ghouls have same 14 wishes but there is too at the treasure a black lamp with a evil ghost and she will the genie power of Lamperella, but the evil ghost is Queen Erbana! how can the girls stop the evil Erbana Genie Ghost? only same can the ghouls it do!

Character ListEdit

Character List Character List
Gigi Grant Frankie Stein
Draculaura Batbite Clawdeen Wolf
Lagoona Blue Cleo De Nile
Abbey Bominable Liza Diamond
Lamperella Von Wish Erbana The Genie Ghost